Jung Eun-bi (정은비) also known as Eunha (은하) is a South Korean singer. She is the lead vocalist of GFriend.


She was born in Seoul, South Korea and has one older brother and one older sister.

She was a Krazy Dance Academy & DM Skool trainee along with SinB before going to Def Dance Skool. She was accepted at LOEN Entertainment on 2011 and trained for almost a year then left to focus on her studies. She was then invited by Source Music's team leader Lee Ri-won in 2014 in the said agency and was included in the final lineup of GFriend.[1] She was transferred to Seoul School of Performing Arts and graduated in February 2016 along with Yuju.


With other GFriend members

Outside of GFriend

  • Sana (Twice)


as Sunny Girls

  • "Taxi" (from Inkigayo Music Crush Part.2) (2016)


  • "Je T`aime" (with Park Ha-na) (from King of Masked Singer Episode 67) (2016)
  • "I Have to Forgot You" (from King of Masked Singer Episode 68) (2016)



  • "Don't Come to Farewell" (from Six Flying Dragons OST Part.7) (2016)
  • "Love-ing" (from Temperature of Love OST Part.2) (2017)
  • "You Look Nice Today" (with Yoon Ddan Ddan) (from The Package OST Part.5) (2017)
  • "Hope" (from GrandChase for Kakao OST) (2017)
  • "So In Love" (from Lovely Horribly OST Part.4) (2018)
  • "Tell Me" (from The Crowned Clown OST Part.3) (2019)
  • "Mr. Stranger" (with Kisum) (from My Absolute Boyfriend OST Part.3) (2019)

Cover Performances


  • "Dear Future Husband" (with Yuju) (orig. Meghan Trainor) (from Super Junior's Kiss The Radio)
  • "I Hate You" (with Yuju) (orig. Urban Zakapa) (from Super Junior's Kiss The Radio)


  • "I'll Write You A Letter" (orig. Lena Park) (from Yuju & Eunha's VJ Live)
  • "Starry Night" (orig. Onew (SHINee) & Lee Jin-ah) (from Yuju & Eunha's VJ Live)


  • "Magical" (with Yuju) (orig. Sweden Laundry) (from Yuju & Eunha's Orgel Live)
  • "I'm in Love" (orig. Ra.D) (from Yuju & Eunha's Orgel Live)
  • "Someday" (with Yuju) (orig. IU) (from Yuju & Eunha's Orgel Live)
  • "Love in the Milky Way Cafe" (orig. 10cm) (from Friendly: SinB & Eunha's Birthday Party)
  • "I Remember" (orig. Mocca) (from Music Bank in Jakarta)


  • Her Zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Her hobbies are: cooking and watching cooking shows.
  • Her ideal type is Jo Jung-suk and Crush.
  • Eunha’s nickname is "Circle" because of her round-shaped face.
  • She’s good in acting and singing.
  • SinB and her were friends when they were in their childhood days.
  • She acted in the 2007 movie "Love and War".
  • She is a fan of Twilight movies.
  • Sowon stated that she was very quiet and didn’t talk a lot when they were trainees.
  • Her role model is IU.
  • Her stage name "Eunha" means "galaxy".
  • On the first day of Season of GFriend, she performed Gain's "Bloom" for her solo stage


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