Season of GFriend is GFriend's first concert, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea. The concert is on January 6, 2018 and lasts 2 days.


On November 27, 2017, Source Music announced on that GFriend will be having their first concert called Season of GFriend at Olympic Hall in early 2018.

Official fan club members have a chance to buy the tickets through Melon Ticket on December 6th before the general admission on December 8th. At the start of the ticket sales, all 6,000 seats were sold out in 3 minutes. Source Music, GFriend's company, thanked the fans and "want to return the favor with a high-quality concert". [1]

On December 28th, Source Music released the official goods for the upcoming concert [2] but this announcement received backlash and criticism from fans for including a body pillow as a good with each GFriend member in it. Those body pillows are even compared to Dakimakura, a type of large pillow in Japan where usually an anime character is imprinted in it.

On December 30th, Source Music released a statement indicating to remove the body pillows and not to produce or sell them. [3][4]

The sale of official goods will start on the date of concert, for 2 days, at 11:00 AM KST until sold out.

Set list

The concert will be divided in 5 seasons (sections): Glass, Flower, Awake, Parallel and Solo and will lasts for 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) in total. [5]

Note: The following songs below are unofficial set list for the concert

Number Song Performed by
1. Intro GFriend
2. Fingertip GFriend
3. Navillera GFriend
4. Crush GFriend
5. Ave Maria GFriend
6. Summer Rain GFriend
7. Mermaid GFriend
8. Hear the Wind Sing GFriend
9. Gone with the Wind GFriend
10. Rain in the Spring Time GFriend
11. No.1 BoA SinB
12. Gashina Sunmi Sowon
13. Twenty Three IU Umji
14. Bloom Gain Eunha
15. Heaven Ailee Yuju
16. U-Go-Girl Hyori Yerin
17. Glass Bead GFriend
18. Me Gustas Tu GFriend
19. Rough GFriend
20. Please Save My Earth GFriend
21. Say My Name GFriend
22. Rainbow GFriend
23. Under The Sky GFriend
24. Fall in Love GFriend
25. LOL GFriend
26. One-Half GFriend
27. Love Whisper GFriend
28. Encore: My Buddy GFriend
29. Encore: Falling Asleep Again GFriend

Video Gallery

여자친구 GFRIEND 1st Concert 2018 'Season Of GFRIEND' Teaser

여자친구 GFRIEND 1st Concert 2018 'Season Of GFRIEND' Teaser

"Season of GFriend" Teaser 1

여자친구 GFRIEND 1st Concert 2018 'Season Of GFRIEND' Teaser 2

여자친구 GFRIEND 1st Concert 2018 'Season Of GFRIEND' Teaser 2

"Season of GFriend" Teaser 2


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